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YAY projects

2010-09-26 21:46:19 by Hippiehater1573

so i felt like making a list of the projects im gonna release in 2011 because i have so much fuckin motivation. LISTING TIEM
Endurance (DUHH) This thing was started like 2 or 3 years ago, remade like 4 times, and will be remade a 5th. This is my biggest thing.
MNZ (Madness Nazi Zombies) this is pretty much a madness zombie movie, but Im also making fun of Nazi Zombies (well, the parts that piss me off about it) so that should be fun.
Maybe doing something short about The Town (kickass movie btw) like a short spinoff.
Also a prelude to Leisurely Ragtime, pretty much showing him kicking ass and ending up at the spot where the piano is and whatever.
Im starting work on these effective immediately and will give you previews of each one in my demo reel for 2011.
Leave comments and stuff or whatever kinda sorta FUCK.


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2010-09-26 21:57:20

!kcuL dooG

Hippiehater1573 responds:

o ! c wuT u deEd tahr


2010-09-26 22:18:59

how about something for 2010, theres still quite a bit left this yearrrr

Hippiehater1573 responds:

maybe the demo


2010-10-08 18:56:24

make some tests !!!


2010-10-12 05:52:54

you know what you should do? make a madness spoof of the movie "kick ass" cause that would be fucking epic

Hippiehater1573 responds: