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Haha just got back from DC

2010-10-14 10:28:04 by Hippiehater1573

cause my high schools marching band got invited to a national championship and since im in the band i had to go too... We fucked up pretty badly but we still won the championship. BEST IN THE COUNTRY MOTHERFUCKAS

Still working on Endurance tho. Going slow but getting there.

ALSO i created this page on facebook called Men, its funny as shit when guys like the page. Search it up and suggest it to your friends.
Another also: If you visit the page and it shows the creator, cool, you found my facebook. You can add me and I'll confirm it, but if there's any posts about Newgrounds and Endurance on my wall, they're getting deleted. Facebook is for Facebook stuff, and NG is for NG stuff. Kkay?


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