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OK so Flash won't I'm pissed.

2011-02-07 01:27:21 by Hippiehater1573

So I'm reduced to doing work on Endurance on my old computer which is a piece of shit. As soon as I find a way to get Flash on my computer without buying CS5 stuff a second time, I'll just transfer my shit and then I can work faster. So until then, I have to work at an agonizingly slow rate. But it's getting there, one frame at a time.
Also updates should be a little more frequent, like 1 or 2 a week. But no promises. :P
So thats pretty much the game plan so far.


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2011-02-07 11:19:27 has the flash 8 trial. Maybe that will work. Flash 8 is still one if the best versions to use in my opinion.

Hippiehater1573 responds:

Well, I already animated part of it on my old computer, which has CS5. I'm not sure if it can still be saved as a Flash 8 file without messing some things up.