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Weekly Update #1

2011-02-17 22:04:55 by Hippiehater1573

First off: I know this is over a week after I promised weekly shut up.
Hokai so I'm redoing the sprites again (damn) in order to make Endurance as Madness-ey as possible. Also working on backgrounds, but that's going a little slower. Still haven't got Flash onto my new computer yet, so I am still working on my piece-of-shit-old-ass-fuckin'-computer . Still works pretty well, but it's so GOD DAMN SLOW.
Anyways, making progress, just slow progress.


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2011-02-18 06:34:49

How about a picture? RAAAWWWWR +)

Hippiehater1573 responds:

Yes, maybe.


2011-02-20 19:52:23

Cool story, bro.

Hippiehater1573 responds:

indeed it is, friend