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Final Design of Main Character

2010-09-16 20:34:37 by Hippiehater1573

Spent 3 days sketching what he would look like, and finally decided on this one. I think its fucking badass, but if you have criticism, by all means, talk shit about it and whatever.
As an extra note, all the mags and grenades and stuff (everything attached to the character you see) will be used (up). Stuff will be taken away from and added to the character, which I think seems realistic as FUCK.
So just tell me whatever.
EDIT: Now is a free period lasting until October 6th (random date) to ask me to draw sprites for them and stuff. People have asked me before, and now that Im actually known kinda for madness drawing from contests and shit. I can draw or lend you guns I drew earlier from my personal spritesheets or I can design characters or blood sprites; your choice. Everyone who asks me, I will draw them and finish the sprites in 1-3 days. So ask me if you guys need anything.
God damn it I think I write too much in posts. And I'm a grammar Nazi now.


2010-09-13 19:13:12 by Hippiehater1573

So I have a shitload of explaining to do...
Its been 4 months since I last posted, but not the last time I've been on NG. I've been mainly just watching vids, playing games, and leaving reviews when I had time. Ive been making other accounts and experimenting with sticks (Im actually pretty good) but I never found the motivation to finish them.
But I looked at my profile yesterday and realized that I crapped out on everything, even Newgrounds. I even went through a relationship before I realized that I wasnt even motivated for that. So I told myself to sack the fuck up and stay active. And that is why I'm finishing Endurance.
I have been working on that bits and pieces at a time, but I only have like a minute of animation, so I dont know when to submit it. I definitely can't submit it before 9/22, so I'm thinking. I'll promise to make it the awesomest, most kickass animation out there if you let me submit it sometime in 2011, or maybe even Madness Day next year (probably not, thats in a year).
So if you read this post, spread the word.

I bringeth thee more news, yay

2010-05-05 23:35:35 by Hippiehater1573

Kk so Ive been making a shitload of tests and sprites, I'll upload the tests later. I also drew another shitload of badass weapons I shall be using in Endurance.
I also finally decided on what the main guy in Endurance/me as a madness character.
Here's the rough draft of the character, I'm probably gonna redraw it and add some stuff to it, but that's the design I'm sticking with.
If you can think of something I can add on to the character, let me know, that's what comments are for.

EDIT: K so I badassed it a little more, look at it here.

Okay in other news, I might or might not finish this by Madness Day, I dont know anymore.

So now Im making some tests for madness, I'm rustier than I thought. I actually haven't even gone near Flash since September. So I has a lot of shit to do.
also if you have modern warfare 2 and a ps3, add me as a friend my username is hippiehater1683

God fucking damnit

2010-03-22 23:30:44 by Hippiehater1573

Flash just crashed for me.
Should take a week or two to fix it
Until then, AW FUCK

I finally finished the first background. It took me 2 weeks to do it because of this awesome effect I'm gonna do.
Also I'm definitely finishing this by Madness Day so yeh.
That is all.
I'll post a screenie later

I'm staying. I just got back into Madness (I CANT SHAKE IT NO MATTER WHAT I DO) so I'm growing a pair of balls and finishing Endurance. I feel really inspired, I don't know why. Actually I do. I watched Avatar in 3D with my friends so that just left me inspired to finish a project, so I have no fucking idea why, so dont ask. It was pretty good, besides the fact that my friends and I were in the front row so we couldn't see jack shit D:<

I'm back for good, and I'm animating Madness again. Capiche? (I think that means "understand". I THINK...)

That's pretty much it: one last Madness project, then I'm leaving NG for good.
So yeah.

....but i will still be on youtube

Hokai, I'm back.

2009-08-30 00:04:07 by Hippiehater1573

Thats pretty much it.

Oh yeah, and I just got a woodland tactical ghillie suit; it's fucking awesome.
I'll upload vids to Youtube later on.

So thats pretty much it for this post.

Leaving Newgrounds

2009-06-04 23:41:13 by Hippiehater1573

Not much to say here, but yeah, I'm leaving Newgrounds.
Over the past few months, I realized something: there are things way more important than just blogging on this site. I mean, I have way better ways to spend my time; I'm designing a logo for a COMPANY! Speaking of that, my logo and business card design got accepted, so I'm also really excited about that. And 7IsUnlucky can go EAT IT!!

I am, however, completing my projects and putting them up on Youtube and Myspace instead. All of my voice actors can reach me through my email,

So long, guys. It was fun.

EDIT: No, you cannot have my account.

ANOTHER EDIT: Guys, I'm still going to be on AIM and Gmail and Youtube; you guys can still contact me, and I can still make Flash movies.