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Winners of the Hippie Contest

2009-03-15 11:39:26 by Hippiehater1573

Sorry for cancelling it because of the hacking incident and all, but I managed to scrape together the remnants of the contest, and here are the winners (sorry but there's no links, my 'puter's screwed up):

1st - Kittykittycat100 - Won by a landslide.
2nd - xXsnowbladeXx - BEAST.
3rd - KingApple - Freaking awesome.
4th - ATOMICCLOUD - Very sexy.
5th - Malikmo - Pretty good.
6th - GabrielBarsch - Not too bad.

Again, I'm really sorry for no links, there's something wrong with that on my computer.
Congratulations to ALL contestants.
EDIT: If you finish, PM it to me and I'll add your name up there.

Anyways, please rate and comment!

For the last motherFUCKing time, I will tell you all the story.

I gave him PyramidClock's password, not mine.
Later, I CHANGED my password to Pyramid's.
If I hadn't it wouldn't have gotten hacked.

This is Hippiehater1683's alt.

2009-03-08 20:30:56 by Hippiehater1573

Hippiehater1683 actually got hacked, holy god, so I'm making a new account to start off fresh.