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2009-05-20 10:59:38 by Hippiehater1573

Well, people from various school districts are starting this new online tutoring program called EduThink (yeah, real original, I know). But anyways, they needed a logo and stuff, and since my dad is in the company, he told the CO about my Flash art skills (wait what skills?), and now the CO wants to see if I can design the logo and business card and other stuff.

I emailed MondoMedia a while ago asking permission to make an HTF spoof so I wouldn't get sued, and yesterday one of the producers emailed me back saying yes.
And I'm about half done with the spritesheet (and that's all I've done on the project so far :l).

MC9 POV - Voice Actors Needed!

2009-04-20 21:36:09 by Hippiehater1573

I actually have my first frame and BG done as of now, so I am ready to add in the animation and dialogue.
Just PM me or comment on this if you're interested.


MAIN CHARACTER: Taken by: Crazymonkey154
MASKED 1337 CO: He is one of the masked 1337 that is in charge of a group of other agents. If any of you own or have played the Call of Duty 5 campaign mode, he sounds like Major Gordon from the 4th to last level's end. In a nutshell, he has a deep, loud voice that has a slight "throat grating" sound to it.
MASKED 1337 1: Taken by: Crazymonkey154
MASKED 1337 2: Taken by: 1sauber1
MASKED 1337 3: Taken by: Loperz619
MASKED 1337 GUARDS: They try to protect the Auditor because he possesed them with his red magic laser beam of possess-ment in the middle of MC9. They have a gargling voice that alternates its pitch often.
AUDITOR: Taken by: SupahHank

Comment on this or PM me if you're interested in doing any of these parts.

And I just got a huge head injury. I think I messed up something pretty important, because I seriously think I feel something rattling every time I move my head.

Anyways, projects:

MADNESS ENDURANCE: This is one of my biggest projects so far, I need to work a LOT on this one.

AWESOME TREE FRIENDS: As my first fullbody animation project, I need a little time on this as well.

MC9 POV: This is one of my newer projects. It is the point of view of the guy who Hank flew into in MC7. He survives, and he has to run from Sanford and Deimos and the Auditor and other dudes. I know it sounds like a gay plotline, but whatever. It is also going to have a unique style of Madness (in which I mean that only a few other guys have done it, so it's not really unique) that I have never worked with before.

MADNESS DUMB-ATION: This can definitely wait.

New post!

2009-04-02 10:14:27 by Hippiehater1573

About my collab parts:

I have a lot of possible preview material for these things, but due to the Flash Player thing, I need to fix that before I can send anything.

I just hit 7 with an AFD prakn.

2009-04-02 00:25:39 by Hippiehater1573

Since my Adobe Falsh Player sending program is infected with tha Conficker C virus* I sent 7 ah corrupted file, and after I told him, he started to kind of freak out and deny at tha same time. It got hilarios pretty quick because he started to take like 5 minutes to type each message after ah while. This is only ah half-prakn, because there is ah 60% chance he will actually get tha virus. According to Kaspersky's report, he has about 2 hours, 58 minutes, and 49 seconds (and counting) to get rid of it. If he doesn't make it in time, then LLL and Hiii111 and me and Eagle and NGG and Toxic and all tha other guys, we are all going to PARTY!!!!
Oh yeah, and if you thlnk I'M being mean to him, HE was one of tha guys who messed with my account.

*i have Kaspersky dont worry about it ill fix it soon

EDIT: I was planning not to tell him, but now he made ah post about it, so now I HAVE to tell tha retard I was just screwing with him.

This ....URL address (dammit) goes Chinese!

2009-04-01 11:09:39 by Hippiehater1573

All I have to say is, if this is an AFD prakn, then this is pretty fuckin awesom for a prakn.
If it's not, I'm leaving ne-N-Newg....never mind.

I found ah way ta get around tha grammar thing.......sort of.

I'm still working on ending for Engineer's collab...

2009-03-25 01:16:01 by Hippiehater1573

So far, all I've done is the BG and like 100 frames.
But I drew the WHOLE BG myself, including the boxes and containers and lockers from mc8 (I traced, lalz.)


This will also be the first room of one of my newer projects, Madness Dumb-ation.
So I'll be making several posts and updates as I make progress.

Okay, so last night, I got an e-mail from Wade saying my account had a new password, so I tried it out, and presto! I got my account back.
But I'm switching things around as of now. '1683 is my alt, and '1573 is my main.

I have not gotten my account back in ANY way. Someone is USING my account and pretending it's me.
This time, I have no idea who it is. This is getting kinda creepy; my old account is being passed around, and I seriously want to know who it is.